Musical Legacy

I got to spend part of the morning having coffee with a couple who asked me a rather startling question. Why? Why do you do music?   Why do you want to succeed? And it stopped me in my tracks for a bit. I had to think about this question.   Why, indeed? Why do I want all this frustration, all these empty shows, all this hard work?  What’s the point? As I sipped my coffee and reflected for a moment, the answer formed. “I want to help people.   I want more so I can give more.” My friend’s eyes lit up and he said, “Now you’re thinking.” And the more I do, the more I think about what I could give, what I could do with great success. There’s an amazing school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that I would just love to give an absurd amount of money to. There’s my mother, who instilled this love of music and art in my heart in the first place that I would love to set up for the rest of her life. There’s my own family, that I would just love to make sure is provided for in every way I can think of. There are so many, many things that I want to give to. I realized that I want more so I can give more. And my God, how fun will that be? I can’t wait to give more than I can now. And I am so thankful for all of you Continue Reading →

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