A New Musical Mindset

Writing songs for “The Optimist’s Club” has really brought me face-to-face with my own limitations, whether actual (I’m fairly certain that I’m writing beyond my own musical abilities) or self-imposed.

You see, until now, I’ve always approached songwriting with one thing in mind; can I perform it live with just an acoustic?

And that’s worked well.  As self-deprecating as I am, I can admit that I’ve written some pretty decent tunes.

But how much better could they have been, if I’d simply written the song from the song’s standpoint, and worried about the acoustic version later?

This time, I’m just letting the songs grow themselves (I really don’t know any other way of putting that…), and I’m going to worry about whether I can play them later.

How many songs could I have written without limiting myself in this way?

What kind of music would I be playing now?

It really makes me wonder how many artists have done this to themselves.  How many songs were never born because the writer was too busy keeping to the (self-imposed) status-quo?

It’s time to write the music I’ve always wanted to write, instead of the music I’ve always thought everyone wants to hear.

And so far, that music sounds pretty darn good…

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