About Chad

The one, the only…

Born and raised in Louisiana, Chad Rushing has been influenced by Blues, Zydeco, Reggae and nearly every other genre you can think of.  He skillfully blends it all together into what he calls “Mountain Man Hip-Hop.”

Whether he’s live on the stage or pumping through your speakers, he’s a sure treat, and we hope you enjoy!
And you’re probably wondering where all this music comes from, what inspires someone to write these songs, etc…

Well, wander over to Chad’s personal blog and check out his musings, ponders, ramblings, and other scribblings he may have.

You never know when you’ll catch a song in the works, a project somewhere between success and failure, or something just plain thoughtful.

See ya there!


If you’d like to know what he’s playing and how, then go wander over to Chad’s Guitar Page and you can get chords, ideas, reviews and whatever else he throws out there!

Thanks for stopping by!

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