Here Be Pirates

I’ve been asked a few times what my views on music “piracy” are, and frankly, I’m ambivalent.

On the one hand, piracy can be a great thing for a new artist.

On the other, piracy can be a horrible thing for a new artist.


Piracy hasn't died...


A new artist REALLY counts on the little income that tracks sold can bring them.  The transition from working stiff to rockstar is incredibly scary, not to mention difficult.  There’s nothing more frustrating than investing one’s hard-earned money into studio time, production, equipment, etc, only to have someone essentially steal all your time and effort.  Sure, 99 cents isn’t much by itself, but multiply that by a hundred and the artist has just lost a tank of gas that would have gotten him to a gig, or cables he desperately needed to keep playing, or…

You can imagine the damage done over time.


Now to flip the coin, that same new artist can’t really afford to promote himself in any major way (TV airtime, radio spots, iTunes Pro accounts, etc), so piracy is, in effect, free advertising.

A copy of an mp3 costs nothing to produce.  After a length of time, that new artist has a small army of songs out there playing for him, gaining interest for him, etc, etc.

I imagine you can see my indecision on music piracy’s inherent nature.

One side of the coin is robbing me, the other is promoting me.


So I guess it all comes down to one simple thing.


If you’re going to pirate music, do it respectfully.

Donate to the artist, buy a t-shirt, something, anything to help him out.


Because he and I are doing everything in our power to live our dream and be true towho we are as human beings.

All we ask is that you help us do it.


Pirate Responsibly.

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